C.I. Jeans

The story of C.I. JEANS is that of a dream shared by friends, Carlos Londoño†, Jorge Hernán Toro†, and Santiago Navarro—, committed to boosting Medellín-made clothing internationally.

It is a story of hope as well, in an industry closely related to the economic and social history of Medellín, the place where C.I. JEANS was born.

It is a story of courage and bravery in facing the city’s, country’s, and even the world’s great macroeconomic crises, which every C.I. JEANS’ worker has met on arrival with creativity.

It is a story that builds on past achievements in order to craft a clearly envisioned future through innovation.

It is a story of adaptation to difficulties by means of flexibility.

It is a story that evinces the importance of collaborative work carried out with dedication, commitment, and persistence for our country’s sake.

Finally, it is a story of respect for the conditions, communities, clients, sup- pliers, environment, and coming generations—based always on sustainability.

The story of C.I. JEANS has seen our founding dream largely come true.

This book shares with its readers the main milestones of C.I. JEANS’ 20-year-long story.

Thank you very much for your interest in C.I. JEANS.




  1.5 Kgs.

  260 páginas

  25.4 x 30.5 cms.


  Benjamín Villegas

  Santiago Navarro P.

  Adriana Llano Restrepo

  Katy Henrickson

  Diego Gómez, Daniela Marulanda, Juan Sebastián López

  Andrea Vélez

  Andrés Mauricio López, Enrique Coronado

  Este libro ha sido creado, diseñado y desarrollado en Colombia con el apoyo institucional de: