Cerro Matoso

Thirty years growing together with Colombia

Throughout the thirty years of our corporate history, regional presence and community relations, Cerro Matoso has been inspired by our commitment to the region and to Colombia. It is not the things that go well that have strengthened this commitment. Rather, the commitment itself has driven us to perform well in these decades, keeping in mind the marks that we leave as we pass through.

But what is this commitment that characterizes and de nes us? It is greater than a passion because, while like faith it can move mountains, commitment can also turn negative if we do not exercise it with prudence. Nor is our commitment simply optimism, because at times the most optimistic do not know how to con- front dif culties. They do not have the patience to see the results of their efforts, as we have had in Cerro Matoso since the visionary days of our pioneers.




  1.5 Kgs.

  256 páginas

  25.4 x 30.5 cms.


  Benjamín Villegas

  Liliana Pineda

  Ricardo Escobar - Presidente Cerro Matoso S.A.

  Adriana Llano Restrepo

  Katy Henrikson

  Jimmy Weiskopf

  Santiago Escobar Jaramillo

  Andrea Vélez

  Enrique Coronado, Yadira Silgado

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Cerro Matoso

Treinta años creciendo junto a Colombia

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Cerro Matoso S.A