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Fly High

A change of perspective can change your life.

Author: María Villegas

The book Vuela Alto, written by María Villegas, certified clinical hypnotherapist and coach, published by Villegas Editores, leads us to understand, in a masterful and very entertaining way, from several clinical cases based on her consultation, how different common moments In the lives of different people, from birth to old age, they impact the attitudes and actions we take and what we should do to make the best decisions by strengthening our self-love. Because a feeling generates a thought and a thought generates an action and any action we take can change our life forever.

“Above the apparent differences, all human beings are more or less the same: beyond our habits of thought and action, everything we have learned, where we come from and where we want to go, we all seek and desire similar things.” . This is why we all need the same thing and only after we have achieved those things we need in common, can we begin to develop our true identity in all its potential, that is, fulfill ourselves as human beings.”

This book, precisely, is an invitation to know our inner world and strengthen it, to release our maximum potential and thus be able to Fly High.

Remember, a change in perspective can change your life.

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