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Love for Colombia


We Colombians have always been characterized by the kind and generous disposition with which we do things, by the small details for others and by the warm smile with which we accompany them. This September of love and friendship must involve something more than a simple gift. We want to establish generosity and love for Colombia as an act of courage. Certain that with simple acts of kindness we can face the new reality, Villegas Editores calls on all Colombians to join #LoveForColombia with acts of this nature. Throughout this month, Villegas Editores will make a series of them, hoping that generosity and #LoveForColombia will be replicated, copied and made viral.

Some simple acts of kindness you can practice:

1. Leave a coffee paid for someone else at your favorite store.

2. Buy someone a lunch.

3. Give a book to a friend or stranger.

4. Pick up trash you see on the street.

5. Plant a tree.

6. Say something nice to a stranger.

7. Give your turn in line to someone else.

8. Recommend a stranger's brand or company.

9. Write a thank you letter to someone who deserves it.

10. Share the #AmorPorColombia hashtag.