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At Villegas editors we are mourning the departure of Maestro Fernando Botero. For the art world it is a great universal loss. Because he, with his immense talent, produced an unrepeatable work; With his generosity he donated two magnificent museums and a large sculpture plaza to Colombia; With his discipline and perseverance he left us the best example of life; With his audacity and bravery he showed us how, coming from Colombia and with few resources, you can succeed in the world; With his intelligence he invented a way to get to the top and stay there; With his kindness he opened the most excellent places and spaces for his work, and with his love for Colombia he earned the admiration, gratitude and love of Colombians.
For Villegas editors, he was the most important author by authorizing us to publish 4 books (Botero canvases, Botero sculptures, Botero drawings and Botero women) and two book catalogues, with donations to the National Museum and the Museum of Antioquia, which we published for 8 years of close professional relationship.
And for me, personally, it was the incomparable opportunity of having worked personally with him in his different residences and studios in New York, Paris, Pietrasanta and Bogotá where I received from him human warmth, simplicity, kindness, good example and life lessons that made me admire him, respect him and love him as the great man he was in the fullest sense of the word.
Benjamin Villegas