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We have a secret to tell you | 50 years Villegas Editors | Colombia in your hands

Colombia Secreta , the one you will have in your hand, is much more than it seems:
This is a careful selection of the beautiful and hidden landscapes that Andrés Hurtado has frequented for decades. But it also describes the inner journey that these trigger and the spiritual havoc that such magnificence of nature has left in the soul of the photographer.
This book had its first edition, in large format in 2004, which received the first prize for Best Travel Book from the Latino Book Awards at BookExpo America in Chicago, USA.
Since that date, it has been the best-selling book in the 21st century for Villegas Editores and four reprints have been made of it.
This innovative format preserves the literary content—in a bilingual English/Spanish edition—and the striking photographs with the legendary quality of our editions.
Villegas Editores begins with this unique work, its Colombia mission in its hands: Celebrating 50 years of life , the publisher wants every home in the country and the world, every traveler abroad to carry with them our motto, good image and love for Colombia.
That books are part of the daily lives of Colombians, that they can be shared and given as gifts in a unique and irresistible format.
Because beauty is.

Secret Colombia | Unseen Colombia
Secret Colombia - Unseen Colombia - Presale delivery (01/12/2023)

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50 years of Villegas editors .

It seems that this brash, impulsive and foul-mouthed Nieves will remain forever young and current! She turns 55 but, as Consuelo Lago, the author of her days, says, “…it is striking that Nieves continues to surprise and that people continue to like her.” An old friend of Villegas Editores, she appeared for the first time in 2000 with “Nieves, impertinent and coquette”, then in 2006 with “Politics seen by Nieves” and now she celebrates with us this respectable age with her notes, and with aphorisms and sayings that he transforms with a lot of valluno humor and popular intelligence.

Just as Gustavo Flaubert stated: “Madame Bovary is me”, Consuelo Lago told someone who asked her: “Why don't you paint yourself?”, she said: “I do paint myself, look and you will see that I am there.” ”… and the fact is that, although one always remains in her 20s and the other gets older, both are from Cali, they live from day to day, they are generous and independent.

Nieves 55 Años” collects memorable phrases from this character and from Hétor – his silent love and infinite patience – in a selection of songs such as: Dancing, Cali, Love, Marriage, Friends, Environment, among others. A hilarious and wise series of tips could not be missing, such as “What you should not let get wrinkled is enthusiasm”, “If you want to be heard, stay quiet” or “Laugh at yourself and you will see that you will calm down” that he tells the eternal Nieves tickling Hétor's chin.

Nieves 55 years
Nieves 55 years - Presale delivery (01/12/2023)