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A Police Force for Colombians (Inglés)



Also available in Spanish with the title: The Colombian Police

The men and women who appear in this book have a special characteristic: they are the protagonists of a story of love and dedication to Colombia and its people. Our Police is much more than a uniformed force with the mission of guaranteeing our security. It is a group of people with a great vocation for service, committed to the weakest and most vulnerable, to those who need them most, and present in the most remote places of the country. The photographic material in this book is proof of that commitment that transcends security to build a true social fabric. When they asked me to write this prologue, I thought about how grateful we are to those compatriots who make up our Police and to the work they did during the recent winter wave that hit the country, the worst in our entire history. It was pleasant to see how the police were always a support, a support, a permanent help for families and entire communities that were affected. So this book is a recognition of that value and that commitment to Colombia, and also a way of reiterating that the police institution is something that fills us with pride.

Our Police, and its effective action against crime, is an example throughout the world. It is not in vain that today it advises several countries on the issue of special operations against crime and drug trafficking, always with the seal of quality and science that characterizes it. That is one more reason to feel proud of this organization that has helped us achieve very positive results in citizen security and crime reduction. And not only this. Because every advance in security translates into better results in other areas; that is, more investment, more employment and, consequently, less poverty. The transparency and good performance of the Police have contributed to achieving the climate of trust that exists in the country today. In this first year of government we have managed to reduce the rates of crimes with the greatest impact such as homicide, theft, extortion and terrorist actions, something that directly affects the well-being of citizens. This book, beautifully edited, is a fair tribute and a thank you to our 160 thousand uniformed personnel; to an institution—the Colombian Police—that we admire because it works tirelessly, with nobility and courage, for Colombia and its people. JUAN MANUEL SANTOS CALDERÓN President of Colombia


  • 2009
  • English
  • 2 kg
  • 240 pages
  • 12" x 12"
  • 9789588293868


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  • Editor: Benjamín Villegas Jiménez, Second Lieutenant Nidia Esmeralda Amador Rodríguez
  • Prologue: Juan Manuel Santos Calderón
  • Texts: Presidency of the Republic. Ministry of National Defense. General Directorate, Strategic Communications Office, Printed and Publications Group of the National Police. Doctor María Victoria Pérez.
  • Photography: Santiago Escobar Jaramillo, National Police of Colombia, Presidency of the Republic, Associate Press, Reuters, Andrés Mauricio López.
  • Art Department: Andrea Vélez, Santiago Escobar Jaramillo, Enrique Coronado.
  • Collaborators: Stella Feferbaum, Colonel León Guillermo Barón Calderón. Head of Strategic Communications Office.

This book has been created, designed and developed in Colombia with the institutional support of: Colombian National Police