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Protected areas of Corpoboyacá



Through its photography, this beautiful volume gives an account of the great natural wealth of Boyacá.

By showing us its dazzling moors, forests, jungles and deserts, its unexpected rivers, lakes and wetlands, its sweet waterfalls and swamps, reading it will undoubtedly influence the choice of our next tourist destination.

A destination that will not only surprise visitors with the variety and beauty of its fauna, flora and landscapes, but also with the fascination that comes from walking through the quietest territory in Colombia, where its friendly and cordial people always make us feel at ease. home.

Emblematic and majestic are the protected areas of this vast territory. A place where the wonders of creation are present in ecosystems that range from the dry forest and the tropical humid forest, passing through the middle and high Andean forests, until reaching the uniqueness of its paramos, of which the department houses more half of what the country has.

There is no doubt that we are truly fortunate to have this type of territory, which allows us unique and unrepeatable experiences, while making us rethink our work on earth and the duty we have to care for and respect them.

This book has been published thanks to the support of the Regional Autonomous Corporation of Boyacá, Corpoboyacá, which established the Regional System of Protected Areas (SIRAP) as an inter-institutional coordination strategy to manage actions that allow the conservation and in situ protection of the strategic ecosystems of the jurisdiction.

In the last 7 years, the Corporation has intensified the study of ecosystems, the declarations of protected areas, the formulation of its management plans and the execution of programs and projects aimed at their protection and restoration.

Their work in environmental education has successfully reached the communities that reside in them or nearby, contributing to their economic and social sustainability through restoration work or their connection to green businesses such as ecotourism and the sustainable use of biodiversity. .

Andrés Mauricio López

This visual designer from the University of Caldas, with an emphasis on photography, has ventured into capturing images for book publication, in fields as varied as architecture ( Apartamentos de Bogotá; Los Lagartos, 75 years old; Country Club de Bogotá, first centenary; Santiago Páramo and the chapel of San José; Church of San Ignacio I), plastic arts (Erotic Knight, Art in the collection of the Banco de Bogotá, Maruca Gómez ), nature and landscape ( National Natural Parks of Colombia ), and books institutions in which it combines the aforementioned themes (Cafés of Colombia; Cundinamarca, heart of Colombia; Oil palm in Colombia; An admirable feat, life and work of Don Hernando Caicedo; CI Jeans; ETB, 131 years connecting lives; Colmotores 60 years ; Finding new paths ).

Special mention deserves the collection of books on the cultural and artistic heritage of the Javeriana University, in which López has served not only as a photographer but as a designer, innovating in the presentation of the bibliographic collections: Antique engravings of the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana; The book of books I; The book of books II; Books of emblems, image and word in the baroque; Natural science books, images of flora and fauna; Thesaurus of Greek and Roman antiquities; Bibles; Former Jesuits, their books and the Church of San Ignacio Bogotá I and II.

In addition to his work on editorial projects, he also works on urban projects - using techniques such as aerial photography and drones -, portraiture and videography.

In addition to being a monitor, researcher, workshop leader and photographer of archaeological collections, López has also exhibited collectively in Manizales and Buenos Aires.



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