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Colombian House - Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design (Second Edition)



Also available in Spanish with the title: Colombian House - Architecture, Landscaping, Interior Design

The Colombian house can only be defined in terms of its variety and heterogeneity. Like any product of history, it is the result of a long and slow process that begins in the Colony, is revoked in its tradition during the Republic and then subjected to multiple influences from the so-called modernism.

This edition, updated and expanded with almost seventy new images and more than fifty pages, allows us to learn about the future and history of the house throughout the history of Colombia. All trends are collected, with significant examples in the works of the country's most prominent architects.

Balance and reflection on a tradition, the book is also a tribute to the peculiar affection of Colombians for the home.


  • 1992
  • English
  • 2kg
  • 240 pages
  • 22.9 x 28cm
  • Second Edition: 9789588156248



  • Editor: Benjamín Villegas Jiménez
  • Texts: Fernando Garavito
  • Photography: Antonio Castañeda Buraglia
  • Complementary Photography: Héctor Wiesner, Claudia Uribe Touri, José Fernando Machado, Hernán Díaz, Pilar Gómez, Diego Samper, Fernando Correa, Jorge Eduardo Arango, Jorge Gamboa Art Department: Mercedes Cedeño, David Rendón
  • Advisory: Fernando Correa Muñoz, Franca Pacini

Awarded by the XI Quito Architecture Biennial, 1998. — Honorable mention. History, Theory and criticism of architecture and urban planning