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THE REVOLUTION OF THE CENTER, Duke in the House of Nariño



For more than a year and a half, Carlos Mauricio Muñoz took on the task of writing a biography of a president and his government.

The Revolution of the Center: Duque in the House of Nariño is the product of dozens of interviews with the main protagonists of a government, the close circle of a president and a president himself, combined with a meticulous investigation of texts, policies, interviews, speeches , laws, decrees and executions, as well as an exhaustive review of the results achieved on multiple fronts, confronted with the views of critics and skeptics to give it a historical rigor that has rarely been achieved in the analysis of an administration in Colombia.

It is ultimately a unique work in its style and accompanied by precise sources that deserves to be read and studied to measure how the youngest elected president in the history of Colombia and the first to surpass 10 million votes, managed to move the country forward in the worst crisis in our history, triggered by the first pandemic in the era of globalization and interconnection. Here the author goes where no historian has gone and allows for a dispassionate and unmanipulative examination of the polarization and post-truth of a president who has more than deserved a place in Colombian history.


“Iván Duque is a man passionate about life and politics, with a deep love for Colombia. Inspired by the great leaders of history, he governed with a bold vision, thinking big and assuming something that is increasingly rare in today's leaders: doing what is right for the nation without thinking about his own convenience. Without a doubt, Iván Duque faced important reforms that will benefit the future of Colombia and leave a mark on the region. I respect and appreciate him for his authenticity, his honesty and his leadership.” Mauricio Macri - Former President of the Argentine Republic “I have had the privilege of dealing with President Iván Duque, we have been united in politics as a service, the dedication to the design and implementation of public policies, the defense of the Amazon, reforestation and in general the commitment to the environment and against climate change.” Felipe Calderón - Former President of Mexico “Great leadership is measured in difficult times. President Duque knew how to face the COVID-19 pandemic, the socioeconomic crisis and natural disasters with vision, intelligence, courage and resilience. Furthermore, his government made fruitful contributions to the modernization of Colombia that allow it to face the challenges and opportunities of the future with strength and optimism.” Sebastián Piñera - Former President of Chile “Looking straight ahead and with frankness, Iván Duque will always tell you what he believes in and why. His words are loaded with a deep love for Colombia and a constant reflection on the future of Latin America. Whether for his courage in facing the COVID-19 pandemic and a challenging economic situation, for his innovation in environmental matters or for his unwavering democratic conviction, President Duque is one of the necessary voices of our region.” Carlos Alvarado Quesada - Former President of Costa Rica “Iván Duque governed his Colombia with wisdom, dedication, eloquence and temperance, facing structural challenges such as climate change, pending issues such as unfinished peace and the unprecedented challenge of a devastating pandemic. Simultaneously, he fought head-on against the causes and effects of regional autocracies, welcoming millions of Venezuelans to Colombia and eliminating the intended indefinite re-election of the inter-American system.” Jorge Quiroga Ramírez - Former President of Bolivia



CARLOS MAURICIO MUÑOZ Social communicator, master's degree in History and master's degree in Audiovisual Script Creation. In 2007 he was selected among the winners of the ContraBabel National Poetry Contest, organized by the Ministry of Culture of Colombia and the Casa de Poesía Silva. In 2012 he was a finalist in the 2012 Planeta Casa de América Prize, organized by the Casa de América of Spain and Editorial Planeta, for the novel The sect of assassins. Within the framework of the dissemination of historical content, his participation as a researcher and scriptwriter in the television miniseries Mosquera: history, power and dementia stands out, which explores the life of Tomás Cipriano de Mosquera and the political world of the 19th century. This production was the winner at the India Catalina Awards 2020. In addition, the audiovisual project received the Simón Bolívar Order of Democracy, awarded by the Chamber of Representatives of Colombia. Other historical documentary series in which he has participated as a scriptwriter and researcher are: El Camino de los Centuries and Fogón, Passion y Sabor. In 2022 he received the Journalistic Merit Award from Acopi Cauca, for his contributions in the field of cultural journalism. He currently works as a professor in the History Department of the University of Cauca.